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A fresh take on sports where fun is the goal.
Now open at Winter Park, the former training home of the Minnesota Vikings, and arriving soon to Southdale Center.

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Bringing Back the Freedom to Play

Everyone remembers playing pickup games as a kid. Kicking a ball around the backyard with friends was spontaneous and fun.

That’s not as common today. Sports are more structured, more competitive and time consuming, leading to fewer kids participating over the long term. Life Time Sport is here to change that. We’ve merged elements of pickup games and organized sports to provide the best benefits of both: flexibility, coaching, leadership and active fun.

Sports today are highly structured without much opportunity for creativity. As my son has gotten more involved, I’ve witnessed firsthand how a lot of kids are participating, but they’re not leading. It made me realize there has to be another way.

How it Works

Get ready for a new kind of game. Life Time Sport is soccer played pickup-style and just for fun. There are no stressful tryouts, long lines for drills or competitive pressure. Adults, teens and kids can just come and have fun. Plus, we’re open to the entire community, so you don’t have to be a Life Time member to play.

Young boys and girls in soccer jerseys run on outdoor soccer field

Show Up

With 30+ hours of open play each week, you can show up and play on your schedule. Both day passes and monthly membership options are available.

Two young girls in soccer jerseys double high five on outdoor soccer field

Match Up

Bring your friends (or meet new ones). Our expert coaches will match you up with others at your age and ability level, then get the game started.

Female soccer coach runs with youth players in soccer jerseys on indoor field

Switch Up

Our games are on smaller fields with fewer players for more touches on the ball, more goals and more fun. After about 10 minutes of play, we switch up the teams and start again.

View Our Incredible Locations

Forget pickup at the park. You can play soccer at our massive Winter Park facility in Eden Prairie or coming soon to our beautiful Life Time Southdale club in Edina. We provide the fields, coaching and equipment as well as amenities, including a lounge and cardio & weight rooms.

The Excitement Is Real

Headshot of a 9-year-old soccer player

Everybody gets to kick the ball, no matter how long you have played soccer or how good you are. I feel like I’m more free.

Headshot of an adult soccer player

Organizing my own time to play is just not realistic. Having some other organization create the framework for free play is really what’s going to get me out to play.

Headshot of a 12-year-old soccer player

Running around just having fun with your friends is perfect-world soccer.

Headshot of a parent

I can drop a 5-, 7- and 9-year-old all off together in the same location. I know they’re going to love it, they’re going to be safe, and they’re going to be active.

exterior image of life time southdale

Arriving Late 2019

Life Time Southdale

Play pickup soccer when it works for your schedule. Fun is the goal here, and our indoor turf fields are playable all year round.

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