Looking for answers? Many registration and soccer-related questions are covered below.

What is Life Time Sport?
Life Time Sport is the premier destination for soccer. We have everything from pickup-style soccer to classes, clinics and adult leagues. The freedom to play and have fun is at the core of what we do, and we’ve merged elements of pickup games and organized sports to provide the best benefits of both: flexibility, coaching, leadership and active fun.

How Does Pickup Soccer Work?
Purchase either a drop-in day pass or monthly membership for Life Time Sport. Then, you may show up to play when your age-group is scheduled and check in at the front desk. We’ll match you up with your friends and others at your ability level and get the game started. After about 10 minutes of play, we switch things up and start new games.

Do current Life Time memberships work at Life Time Sport?
Life Time Sport is an offering by Life Time that requires its own separate registration unless you are a Life Time athletic member at the Onyx or Diamond club level. Life Time athletic members who are Bronze, Gold or Platinum level will need to upgrade to Onyx or Diamond level for Life Time Sport to be included in their access.

What is the agreement with Winter Park/Minnesota Vikings?
Life Time Sport has more than 20 small-sided, indoor/outdoor soccer fields for pickup play, classes, training and leagues at Winter Park, along with a lounge and game room. There is also weight training and cardio equipment in separate rooms.

Do parents/guardians need to remain onsite while kids are playing?
Parents are required to stay if their children are ages 5–11. Children ages 12 and older can be dropped off for up to 2 hours.

How old do kids need to be to play at Life Time Sport?
Life Time Sport is for adults, teens and kids ages 5 and up.

Will there be opportunities for adult pickup at Life Time Sport?
With more than 30+ open hours each week, it’s convenient for adults to find a game that works with their schedules. Choose either a drop-in day pass or enroll in monthly, recurring payments. We organize the teams for you, then just turn up the music and let you play. Men’s league and coed leagues are also great options for adults.

What are the expansion plans for Life Time Sport?
Life Time Sport is at Winter Park and will be at Southdale in late 2019. We are considering expansion of additional sports and new locations. Stay tuned!

How do I sign up?
The registration process only takes a few minutes and is done at our Winter Park location.

What is the coaches’ process for determining skill level when separating the kids?
Coaches will use short skill tests to gauge a player’s ability level and then place them on a field with players at a similar age and ability level. The coach on that field will continue to evaluate the players and may move players around to ensure they have the best possible experience.

How many fields will each coach be responsible for monitoring at any given time?
Each expert Life Time Sport coach will manage one field when children are playing. During high-level skill and adult games, coaches will manage multiple fields with minor supervision and no coaching unless players ask for help or have questions.

Are the coaches responsible for “officiating” the matches or are they self-governed by players?
For children and teenagers, our model is teaching soccer through play, not officiating and enforcing strict rules. We believe this helps teach important life skills, including leadership and communication. During all games, safety is our number one concern. Coaches will step in as needed to monitor, provide insights and strategy for the game as well as keep games flowing smoothly, including handling of fouls and any behavioral issues.

For adults, the coaches are there to organize the teams and let participants play.

What happens if there aren’t enough people of similar skill level available for a game?
Our pickup play model is focused on providing a fun experience for every age and ability level. If you arrive at a time when there aren’t enough players or those at a similar level, our expert coaches will provide skill-based games, similar to a small-group lesson at no additional cost.