Bringing Back the Freedom to Play


My son has been a lot of the inspiration for creating this concept, Life Time Sport. Because we love our kids so much, we're trying to do so much for them. And we are organizing too many things for them. Kids, like I said, are mostly participating, but they are not leading.

It's now time for us to rethink about how we can create the new form, new opportunity, that fits today's environment that allows some of that freedom, some of that natural play, back to their life.

Life Time Sport is designed not just for kids. It's for teenagers. It's for adults. It's basically designed for us to come in and play conveniently, whenever it works for us.

There has been nothing like what Life Time is trying to do. And I think this is spectacular. It's a place where I can just show up and play and have a lot of fun and work on touches on the ball and meet a bunch of new people.

If you are late or if you're early, you just drive there and jump into a game. You show up then. A bunch of kids-- you put together a team. And you play another team with equal, like-level kids.

After each short game, we'll mix everyone up and try something new and different.

[INAUDIBLE] because we get to play way more instead of getting [INAUDIBLE] to do drill after drill.

We want to be the catalyst to letting things happen naturally. It gives them permission to just have fun and let loose and build their confidence.

I'd see them not only leading, but I see them listening to their friends and listening to what's going on.

I can drop a five-, a seven-, and a nine-year-old all off together in the same location. I'm not running around to different places. I know I'm dropping them off at a place that they're going to love. They're going to have fun while doing it. They're going to be safe. And they're going to be active.

I love Life Time Sports because I just get to have fun and play the game.

It's phenomenal.

Running around, having fun with your friends.

Just pure joy.

Because it's extra fun because I scored two goals.

I love kicking the ball.

I wish that there was a Life Time Sport program when I was growing up. I would have played every single day, if I could have.